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Also available as a site license or seat license. View our Courseware solution. This pricing is for individual use licenses. We have pricing and access options for multi-user seat license and subscriptions for your entire institution. When you select "Subscribe" you will start receiving our email newsletter. Use the links at the bottom of any email to manage the type of emails you receive or to unsubscribe. See our privacy policy for additional details. About News.

Human Anatomy Atlas A comprehensive 3D atlas of the human body. Join the millions of medical professionals, students, and anatomy enthusiasts who use Human Anatomy Atlas to see inside and better understand the human body!

It's immensely useful for medical students and professionals alike. The ability to visualize any structure in any plane desired helps for great anatomical orientation. But this app makes up for it. It has everything you need. Dwight, iTunes. This app has helped tremendously in interpreting the surgical reports, as far as finding body parts being worked on - down to the deepest layer.

Kudos to the team!! Our award-winning Atlas is better than ever!

Visible Body - Human Anatomy Atlas 2021

Learn about the complete male and female gross anatomy with thousands of 3D models that span 11 systems: nervous, skeletal, circulatory, muscular, digestive, urinary, lymphatic, endocrine, and reproductive. Interact with every structure in 3D to simulate a dissection lab experience.

Rotate, zoom in and out, dissect through superficial anatomy to study deep and hidden structures, or see structures in complete isolation. Study detailed information, learn about common pathologies, and compare 3D models side-by-side with cadaver and diagnostic images. Delve into the microanatomy of tissue and special organs, including the eye, ear, and tongue, or sink your teeth into special 3D dental anatomy models! On mobile? Turn your environment into a lab with the augmented reality feature—no gloves or white coat required!

Want to use this app in a course you teach? How to Buy. Use for teaching We have pricing and access options for multi-user seat license and subscriptions for your entire institution. Instructors Librarians Businesses. Get the details Available for:.When it comes to studying medicine, especially those starting their their med-school, the human anatomy is thought to be one of the most difficult subjects to grasp.

Visible Body

Mastering the subject of anatomy requires great amount of hard work and it can be a nerve wrecking job if one does not utilize the resources available at hand today.

Thanks to the modern technology and the app developers at Visible Body for building medical applications such as the Human Anatomy Atlas. This application allows you to view complex anatomical structures of both male and female body in comprehensive 3D models.

All at one place! The application allows you to take control of the anatomical models by rotating and zooming in and out and perform dissection as well.

Thus helping the medical students creating a profound understanding for each anatomical model. Human Anatomy Atlas for PC has builtin definitions and descriptions regarding each anatomical structure. You can easily access them by clicking on the blue definitions button on the bottom left of your screen, as see in the screen shot below:. Developers at Visible Body have integrated quizzes inside Human Anatomy Atlas which allow students to test their knowledge on the go. The builtin quizzes are available with all organ systems.

Take a look at this screenshot:. This application is super light and would easily run with the below mentioned system specifications:. You may check here:. Disclaimer: Please bear in mind that we do not own copyrights to this software. If someone with copyrights wants us to remove this software, please contact us immediately.

Please send me links for download. Please send me the link for download… Thank you cakdiraf gmail. Please, send the download link to findingherr gmail. Please send the download link to syedbukhari outlook. Please send the download link to odbitko hotmail. Hello could you please send me the link to Truuuc1 gmail. Thank you. Hello, could you please send me the link to MRB.Access the AR Lab Worksheets.

Explore and learn about anatomy and physiology in 3D through virtual dissections, body system walkthroughs, and guest lectures! Motivate your students with these study tips, job statistics, and interesting human body facts.

Labor Departments estimates for job growth and pay! Download these items and use them as handouts or posters to hang on your door, classroom, or lab! We've summarized the latest data from the U. Department of Labor and created two one-sheet handouts. Download jobs by salary. Download jobs by growth.

visible body

Sometimes the way to grab a student's interest is with an odd fact and a cool image. Here are 10 human body facts and images you can hang up or add to your lecture presentations! When you select "Subscribe" you will start receiving our email newsletter. Use the links at the bottom of any email to manage the type of emails you receive or to unsubscribe.

See our privacy policy for additional details. About News. Free anatomy learning content for students and instructors! Lab Activities Written by professors for professors. Our lab activities, used in conjunction with our anatomy apps, will give your students a unique and interactive 3D experience. Download one or all for free and apply it to your course!

Human Anatomy Atlas Digestive System.See how it works. Request an instructor code. Have an account? Log in here. Courseware is a web-based teaching and learning platform loaded with Visible Body's award-winning content. You can use Courseware to custom design visual and interactive courses delivered over the web. Or, let us do the heavy lifting for you by selecting one of three pre-made courses available on the platform.

Courseware's robust quizzing includes multiple choice, fill-in-the-blank, and our one-of-a-kind interactive anatomy dissection quizzes.

Dissection quizzing helps recreate all that amazing learning that goes on inside an anatomy lab. Students rotate, zoom in, and dissect a virtual anatomy model to pin the correct answer. Each student's performance reports to the grade book. It's the testing engine of your dreams!

We've done lots of heavy lifting for you by creating premade quizzes. Get access to more than 3, test items in the bank. If you can't find just what you need, you can customize what's already there or create your own.

All graded assignments in Courseware report student performance to the gradebook.

visible body

It captures detailed information on each student's performance and that information can be transferred to Canvas, Blackboard, Moodle, and D2L. Visible Body Courseware offers the visual, interactive, on-the-go learning features that help students stay engaged with the course content and learn more on their own. Students have the options to:. The students enjoy interacting with them and are performing better than they did when we used an expensive textbook. They often talk about how fun it is.

My students have increased their exam scores, especially when tested on bones and muscles! Finally my students understand origins and insertions. We are now able to integrate more information and utilize new lab activities through VB in a more functional and integrative manner. As a result, students are able to walk away from our class with a very thorough and functional understanding of human anatomy. When you select "Subscribe" you will start receiving our email newsletter.

Use the links at the bottom of any email to manage the type of emails you receive or to unsubscribe. See our privacy policy for additional details. About News. Visible Body Courseware Interactive assignments and lessons that engage your students' passion for anatomy and physiology. See how it works Request an instructor code Have an account?

You can use one just like it is, or delete, edit, and add content as you need. Quiz results report into a feature-rich gradebook that can be integrated with popular learning management systems, including Blackboard, Canvas, Moodle, and D2L. Teach a visual and interactive course Courseware is a web-based teaching and learning platform loaded with Visible Body's award-winning content. Preview the content in Courseware. Search for questions or premade quizzes by topic, learning objective, or Bloom's taxonomy Assign quizzes 'out of the box' or edit premade quizzes Watch an instructor show anatomy dissection quizzing.

Watch how virtual dissection quizzing works.There is a lot to consider when changing course materials. The content on this page is organized to help instructors answer the questions: Is 3D interactive anatomy right for my course? If it is, which Visible Body products match my course, and how do I start using them? We've gathered professor testimonials, student class test results, videos, and instructor support resources showing how 3D visual anatomy can improve student success.

Instructors use our 3D visual products to replace or reinforce textbooks, as a part of their lectures, and to create online labs or in-lab exercises with virtual models that provide alternatives to real specimens and plastic models.

We work with educators and students to design human body apps that present information in ways that students find accessible, relevant, and engaging. Our apps are visual, interactive, and mobile! They are used across the globe for:.

Visual and interactive lectures on the human body: dynamic visualizations of bodily structures and functions that teachers can customize to match their lesson goals. Virtual anatomy labs: hands-on identification, manipulation, and dissection of thousands of virtual 3D models that can be used in conjunction with, or as replacements for, specimens or physical models.

Interactive, self-paced anatomy and physiology lessons: students can explore and review anatomy and physiology at their own pace; quiz themselves; and look up terminology, definitions, and pronunciations.

See what other instructors like about teaching with Visible Body apps. Here are a few video presentations from instructors using 3D interactive visuals to teach anatomy and physiology. Got 10 minutes?

This blog with video segments walks cadaver lab instructors through how Professor Tomer Kanan at the University of Illinois-Chicago uses 3D anatomy in the cadaver lab and the same models online to reinforce learning with homework. In 4 minutes, Blythe Nilson, Associate Professor of Biology at the University of British Columbia shows 5 key anatomical relationships that are faster to teach using 3D visual anatomy.

This 2-minute presentation by Molli Crenshaw, Instructor in the Biology Department at Texas Christian University, reviews how she uses 3D interactive homework assignments to prepare students for a heart valve lab. Want to try out 3D, interactive anatomy learning? Schedule an instructor tutorial web meeting with a member of our Education Team.

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In 30 minutes you will get a walk-through of some 3D interactive models, see the options for creating assignments using these models and our cloud-based online assignment platform, and popular LMS systems like Blackboard, Canvas, Moodle and D2L.

You'll also get a free instructor trial code. If you have any questions about the content on this page, you can contact a sales representative. Visible Body's development team is focused on offering technology that is fast to learn and easy to remember! Today's youngest students are part of the "Digital Natives" generation and are comfortable with information presented visually, in small bites, on screen, and on the go. Our apps leverage the common touchscreen finger gestures and mouse commands used in mobile games and tools.

If you are unfamiliar with how our 3D interactive anatomy apps work, check out these one-minute video tutorials. See how easy our apps are to use on your computer, iPhone, iPad, or Android phone or tablet!

visible body

The tutorials above are all from Visible Body's comprehensive gross anatomy reference app, Human Anatomy Atlas.

It includes complete male and female gross anatomy models and select micro anatomy and is often used in introductory courses and lab courses.

Use Visible Body's Human Anatomy Atlas instead of, or alongside, cadaver specimens and plastic models in your lab course or for student activities.

It is an interactive textbook that uses 3D models and animations to teach bite-sized lessons about key anatomy and physiology in each body system. This product is commonly used instead of or alongside a textbook. It is designed to follow the curriculum of an introductory anatomy and physiology course. To get an idea of how the product is organized:. Like what you see in these videos?Plus, each program offers a mobile app.

Peel away structures and layers from head to toe, rotate anatomical models, and dive deep into the systemic and regional anatomy. Complement textbook and classroom-based learning with interactive resources that support learning objectives.

Access a variety of content types including animations, illustrations, definitions, audio pronunciations, quizzes, and more. Produced by awarding-winning team of medical illustrators and biomedical visualization experts belonging to the Association of Medical Illustrators. Augmented Reality in Human Anatomy Atlas creates a transformative learning experience that enables users to visualize gross anatomy and microanatomy as they would in a lab room with cadavers or specimens.

Request your Trial today! This award-winning human anatomy general reference is a 3D visualization and learning tool used to interact and explore the systems of the human body. It includes over 5, interactive, medically accurate male and female anatomical structures— developed by medically trained medical illustrators and vetted by leading anatomists—covering systemic anatomy, regional anatomy, senses, muscle action, and 25 cross-sections. With robust search capability, users will find what they are looking for more quickly.

Also, they will be able to isolate structures, create custom views, hear pronunciations, utilize the quiz function for selfstudy, and more. The atlas is ideal for healthcare professionals, faculty, students, device manufacturers, and all others interested in detailed visualization of human anatomy.

Users can also create and save favorites, notecards, and tours to their own account. Click to access. Click to Download. Human Anatomy Atlas This library of animations is a comprehensive collection of nearly 70 stunning, high quality videos that illustrate and animate the core physiological processes of the human body. This animation collection is a great complement to the atlas as it offers complex information distilled into short multimedia clips seconds accompanied by voice-over and text—allowing for easier understanding and retention.

Physiology Animations. Bring life to anatomy and physiology curriculums with 3D, award-winning, immersive software.

Available in five languages - English, French, German, Japanese, and Simplified Chinese - this interactive anatomy program provides all of the online supplemental material needed to support faculty and students for a two-semester anatomy and physiology course at a university, vocational school, or community college.

Developed with the busy clinician in mind, this program provides physicians, nurses, and other healthcare professionals access to animations, illustrations, and 3D models of the human body and common functions that can be used for visual reference and patient education while on the job.

With over preset views, robust search capabilities, and multiple ways to quickly locate the ideal visual, this product provides an interactive look into the human body. Each view can simply be rotated, zoomed into, and dissected. Additionally, users can annotate, share, or even create a library of their favorite views.

Take a walk through the heart and circulatory system with this specialty program; it uses 3D models and interactive presentations, quick movies, and visually stunning images to give users a more in-depth look inside.Questions about which app to buy?

See our buying FAQ! Also available as a site license or seat license. A detailed guide to understanding how muscles and bones interact, and how common injuries and conditions occur.

Let kids investigate and learn human anatomy. Also available as a site license. A video reference atlas with 3D animations that communicate core physiology and common conditions. When you select "Subscribe" you will start receiving our email newsletter. Use the links at the bottom of any email to manage the type of emails you receive or to unsubscribe. See our privacy policy for additional details. About News. Explore Apps Find the app that fits your needs See how it works Questions about which app to buy?

Human Anatomy Atlas. The best-selling 3D anatomy reference app for healthcare professionals, students, and professors Learn More. An interactive guide to core processes and common diseases of the human body Learn More.

visible body

Muscle Premium. A detailed guide to understanding how muscles and bones interact, and how common injuries and conditions occur Learn More. PC Mac Also available as a site license or seat license. Learn More. My Incredible Body. PC Also available as a site license. Physiology Animations. A video reference atlas with 3D animations that communicate core physiology and common conditions Learn More. Get our awesome anatomy emails! About News Contact.

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