Trijicon rmr glock dovetail mount

Red dot optic mount for Glock. This unit is literally the best way to mount a red dot onto your Glock, without modifying or even so much as marring the finish on your firearm. Allows for instant removal and easily returning your gun to stock. Very important for those who do not want to destroy their firearm's finish, or purchase a custom slide, costing hundreds of dollars more.

Rave reviews regarding our optic mount are flooding into our email and social media. We will soon be listing a full catalog of customer's firearms, on our website. This is the most reliable and economical way to mount a red dot sight on your handgun. Other mounts available and coming soon! Have a Trijicon RMR? Don't machine your slide, just to install a Trijicon RMR red dot on your handgun. This new revolutionary design, literally makes all optic mounts obsolete with simplistic design.

No machining necessary. Stop screwing up your pistol, cutting the slide and permanently modifying your gun. Don't want to send your slide out to a gunsmith and have your firearm destroyed? We didn't either. Why modify your gun, cut your slide, permanently modifying it to accept a brand specific reflex sight, only to find out 5 years down the road, that the optic manufacturer changed the design, or went out of business, leaving you with a huge problem, replacing your slide, or living with a huge path cut into the top of your slide.

trijicon rmr glock dovetail mount

Other mounts in the industry, only have a single mounting dovetail or require you to send your slide out for modification. The S. Mount, allows you to mount any red dot or reflex sight to your polymer pistol in minutes, no special tools required. The striker plate on the back of the pistol, along with the existing dovetail, and the patent pending JT Defense Optic mount, when installed on a polymer pistol, lock together to create an extremely sturdy, reliable platform for mounting, that will not lose zero.

In all of our testing, after initial sight-in and getting the red dot zero'd with the pistol, the Red Dot optic mount would not lose zero.

Even through repeated drop testing, the sight stayed true, on target and ready to go. Cleaning of the pistols is not an issue.

With the optic installed, simply remove the screw from the rear of the SOB mount, and the striker back plate can be removed, allowing you to fully clean the inside of the stiker channel for routine maintenance. Reinstalling is a simple reverse process, and once the screw is tightened in place, the sight will be re-zero'd for immediate use. We have tested this dozens of times, and you will not lose zero.

After over 10, rounds of testing, various models of Glock pistols, from the largest full power wide framed Glock pistols, to the smallest sub compact Glock 26 style pistols, we never had a malfunction related to the mount or added weight of the red dot sight and mount. In fact. During specific testing with an older Glock 23, a weak recoil spring was installed, which had problems with failure to go into battery. The spring was used in testing, and the failure to go into battery was resolved as the added mass of the optic and base mount ensured full forward positioning of the slide.

We could not find any situation or negative affect, and only seemed to add to the overall reliability of the pistol. W e have not found a single holster that is affected by the addition of our Red Dot Optic mount.

Traditional holsters, even drop-leg holsters, simply do not use that area of the slide to secure the pistol. No adjustment necessary. Install, remove, re-stall and it will hold Zero with little or no adjustment necessary. We do not state this will fit the Gen 5 Glock and have been unable to verify, as we are currently located in California. This state will not allow us to purchase a GEN 5 Glock, so we could not verify. We are currently moving miles away, in a personal and business quest for freedom.

This has caused delay on release of new models, but good things coming soon for us here at JT Defense. New model Gen 5 optic mount will have a new webpage coming soon.Upon placing your order, please remove your slide from your frame and remove the barrel and recoil unit. You do not need to detail strip the slide. Custom gunsmithing, milling services, custom assembled products, finishes and engraving are all performed AFTER your order is placed with us. See each individual product description for the expected lead time on these types of items or contact us for an estimated ETA.

Please pack your RMR safely and securely to avoid damage. Adult Signature is required. Privately-owned firearms sent to us for modification may be return shipped direct to customer. This is a Custom Product. Lead times depend on when your order gets into our production schedule, current volume of custom orders, what options or services you have chosen, and the current workload of our gunsmith.

Custom orders are worked on in the order they were received. Please feel free to email us for an estimated ETA on your particular option choices.

Returns or Cancellations are not allowed on Custom Products. For more information, please refer to our Terms and Conditions. I Confirm That I Have Current Stock:. Customers Also Viewed. Out of stock.

Add to Cart. Related Products.The original "L-Mount" was a great unit, but we knew we could make it better. Specifically customers loved the super secure mounting and the ability unlike other mounts to zero rear sight and red dot independently of each other. The two things everyone asked for were to be able to disassemble the slide without removing the unit, and to be able to mount a wide variety of red dots to the unit. Truly, many guys that wanted to buy these were using red dots other than Trijicon.

So we upgraded and improved the product. This universal red dot mount provides the benefits of the co-witnessed red dot, any red dot, but without the need to modify a "company gun".

Trijicon's RMR Handgun Mount

The unit is tall enough to clear most suppressors and there are no modifications required to your slide.

It mounts in the factory rear sight dovetail just like a traditional rear sight, but an additional contact point using the rear slide cover plate is created, giving an extremely solid and immovable base. Unlike other similar units on the market with integral fixed iron sights, our unit allows for the use of any sights made for the Glock pistol of any height. The unit has capability to accept any sights made for Glock pistols in the correct positions forward and behind the Trijicon RMR.

Unlike other more costly products, the L-Mount allows the iron sights to be zeroed to coincide with the red dot. This last is of essential importance because unless you have two points of adjustment, you will not get the essential co-witnessing of the sights and red dot.

Important Note: This Unit has been threaded Do not use screws of any other type or thread pitch. The L-Mount will accept screws of any length.

We include screws to accept a Trijicon RMR and similar height red dots. Installing Leupold Deltapoints and Vortex Razors, as two examples - which are a great deal taller, may require longer screws.

Please check that you are using sufficiently long screws before firing with the red dot mounted. Current Stock:. CNC Machined in the USA of bar stock steel - Matte finished black Uses any sights made for Glock sights not included Secured with precise cut dovetail slide cover plate - Includes rear slide cover plate, L-mount Can detail strip slide without removing the mount Uses factory rear sight dovetail - no modifications necessary Optimal mounting height for suppressors Compatible with most holsters.

Customers Also Viewed. Add to Cart. Related Products.We invented this system years ago, as a way to attach a red dot optic to your handgun, without ever cutting or milling your slide. No other mounting system on the market, guarantees your optic will never move or lose zero. The only other way, is sending your firearm out and having the slide machined, costing hundreds of dollars, and requiring recoating of your slide's original finish. Why not just Machine your Slide for a Red Dot optic?

Well, fact is, we thought about sending our own handguns out originally before our mount was invented, but, as technology changes, the red dot sights we use today, could instantly be replaced tomorrow as new technology is released. What if you machined your slide, only to find out tomorrow that the optics industry just released a better optic, smaller, lighter weight, and you are stuck?

Well, sadly, you can't. That's because the mounting pattern of the red dots are different. So, you can never switch to another optic. This is ok as long as the company you machined your slide for stays in business. Our mounting plate, is designed to fit the exact curves and profile of your Glock slide, and literally hugs every contour of the slide, keeping it perfectly aligned from the moment you install it the first time.

Trijicon RMR Red Dot Mount - Glock - ALL Model RMR

The Trijicon RMR red dot, is the ultra reliable red dot, users are installing on the slide of their handgun, to provide essentially the perfect blend of reliability, fast pointing and sight acquisition and provides the shooter with the most robust, rugged and reliable optic and mount possible.

Don't machine your slide! Our User installed JT Defense red dot mount, is the only mount developed, which provides multiple secure mounting locations, locking your red dot to your slide just as secure as machining, without the expense of machining, or the permanent modification to your firearm's slide.

Adding a red dot, to your firearm, is one of the biggest improvements you can make to any handgun. Pinpoint accuracy is easily achieved, and the simple addition of Trijicon RMR red dot to any handgun, instantly turns a moderate level shooter, into a show-off, with simple practice.

We encourage practice draw and acquisition, but anyone who has fired their handgun a few hundred times, instantly achieves fast target acquisition. Firearms are meant to last decades. Machining your slide, permanently damages the slide, and mates your gun to only one specific optic.

The pin and screw pattern on most optics are different, and only fit specific optics. The only way to ever switch optic brands or vendors, is to either get the identical optic, and hope it has the same footprint, or, order the same identical optic. Well, this creates a problem. What if your red dot, which was popular today, is gone, or has changed design in 5 years and you need to replace it?

You're stuck.


You will either need a new slide for your firearm, or you're stuck looking for an older used optic with the same mount.Installation Hardware and Tools Included. No, this mount is meant for Glock handguns and will not fit any of the FN handguns. Please enable JavaScript in Your Browser JavaScript is not currently enabled in your browser and due to this our site will not work as it should.

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trijicon rmr glock dovetail mount

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Glock Red Dot Optic Mount for Gen 3 and 4 models

You May Also Like. Will this also fit the FN five-seven? Related Reviews. Compare 0.A Modular RedDot Adapter. We at Outerimpact have gone to great lengths to assure that the fit and finish of this system are top notch.

We have been excited about the increased popularity of the Mini Red Dots on pistol platforms. This does not appeal for various reasons. The Outerimpact M. We precision machined the adapter plate from aircraft aluminum.

Thus, the M. Next on the list is the Dovetail. It is made from steel incorporated with pins to assist with shear forces. As you know, there are violent forces that take place when a gun is fired.

This is why we utilize weaver T Torx screws and steel alignment pins to keep everything aligned and in place. Thank you for your interest in our products and feel free to contact us at support outerimpact. Dovetail is made of Steel with hardened dowel pins. Why is my tool NOT included? Click Here Purchase Tool. Download Instructions. Only logged in customers who have purchased this product may leave a review. Add to My Wishlist. Description Product Instructions Reviews 0. Reviews There are no reviews yet.

Join Waitlist We will inform you when the product arrives in stock. Please leave your valid email address below.Garage Sale. First, the 2. This will take all the guess work out aligning your red dot to the base and will help keep it secure. As with original, the 2. Mount secures to your pistol in the rear sight dovetail and first scope base screw hole.

The T10 Torx screws used for mounting the base have been machined with a thinner head allowing the the 2. The new 2. Mount secures to your pistol by locking into the rear tab and securing to the front screw hole. Extremely low, mounting the Trijicon RMR less than.

Easy to install. Mount secures to your pistol in the first two scope base holes over ejection port scope. Undercut for ejection port. Made from aluminum and DuraCoated in Black Oxide.

Easily installed with included hardware and instructions. After clicking Buy Now, you can choose where you want the base placed on your receiver. The rear two base hole selection will place the red dot closer to your eye as pictured above.

trijicon rmr glock dovetail mount

The front two base hole selection will place the red dot forward towards the muzzle. Housed in rugged forged aluminum, the RMR is extremely tough yet lightweight. New easy-to-use adjusters with audible clicks allow for quick windage and elevation adjustments. The Trijicon RMR is tougher than any alternative and suitable for military, law enforcement and hunting applications.

Comes in MOA sizes 6. With eight available brightness settings, the reticle can be manually adjusted by pressing the plus or minus buttons on either side of the unit. To switch to auto adjust mode simply press both buttons simultaneously and release. To save battery life turn the optic off by pressing both buttons simultaneously and holding for 3 seconds. Equally impressive, they do so with the same speed as instinctive shooting - and without the need for batteries.

Each lamp is capped with a sapphire jewel to help evenly distribute the light while protecting the lamp from solvents and puncture. Contained within aluminum cylinders for additional protection, the lamps are mounted on silicone rubber cushions to withstand shock and heavy recoil.

trijicon rmr glock dovetail mount

Green lamps are warranted for 12 years from the date of manufacture.

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