Salt export from pakistan

With more than 7 years of experience in this industry, we combine our technical expertise with market insights to deliver purest, Natural and highest quality Himalayan Salt and its Products that never let down our adored customers.

In our salt production, we are using wide range of latest machinery and production lines, sizing and equipment in meeting all our customer demands including delivering large orders of salt.

Salt Natural Lamp. Natural Crystal Salt. Discover the process. Himalayan Rock Salt Wholesale Salt Exporters since Himalayan rock salt also recognized as pink rock salt because of its distinctive pale pink color.

Mined in Pakistan, Himalayan rock salt is a naturally occurring salt rich in a number of minerals. For cooking slabs or making rock salt lamps Himalayan salt can be harvested as large blocks and for other purposes it can be crushed into medium and small pieces.

Pakistan’s pink salt

As one of the leading supplier and manufacturer we are only exporting and selling the highest quality Himalayan Salt. We strongly believe in promoting the health benefits of using Himalayan salt, both for cooking and for bath and beauty. To boost customer satisfaction we always make sure that you feel appreciated and receive quality service all times at competitive prices.Salt Pakistan is one of the leading exporter of Himalayan salt products in Pakistan.

Our prime focus is to deliver quality products on competitive prices and send timely. Read More. In even the cleanest home or office.

salt export from pakistan

The air microscope particle such as dust, pollen, bacteria, pet dander, and contaminants from household products, vehicle exhaust industrial pollutants.

Our 14, square foot facility is equipped with state-of-the-art equipment, and skilled employees. Our business is built on our reputation, and we have the facility, skills and experience to prepare quality products. Some of the countries are highlighted in Map. Its natural uniqueness makes it beautiful and the warm glow bring peace in mood and body.

A Breath of Fresh Air. Bring nature indoors with your very own Himalayan Salt Lamp. Each and every lamp includes hand carved salt along with a unique base or container to fit any style. The hollowed-out cores house a low-wattage bulb, steadily exuding a serene and warm glow that immediately fills any room.

Unrivaled Quality. Office and Conference Rooms. Bedrooms and Sitting Rooms. Living Room. Latest Product. Himalayan Animal Salt licks. Contact Us. Powered by.Suhail International was established in with a team of 15 employees and has now grown into the largest Manufacturer, Processor and Exporter of Himalayan Salt Crystal Products of Pakistan. We currently have work force of Mineral Salt professional employees. Price Competitiveness We are a proven, price-competitive source for all grades of both Bulk Rock and Himalayan Crystal salt products.

Producing all grades of White and Pink Edible Salt. Best substitute of table salts. There so many uses for Himalayan salt tile. Use these beautiful crystal salt bricks to create spectacular architectural features in your living and work space.

Relax in the warm glow of Himalayan Salt Lamp. It is healthy and excellent.

salt export from pakistan

Bring heavenly synchronization to any room with our beautiful salt lamp. Our mission is to offer the most comprehensive selection of premium bath salts, with an emphasis on superior quality, and outstanding customer service. The Himalayan Salt Inhaler is drug-free and non-invasive device designed to let you inhale the Salt vapors that deliver amazing, natural respiratory relief. We produce and supply premium quality products of animals.

Salt Licks are extremely hard which makes them difficult for animals to bite. Suhail International is one of the leading manufacturers and exporters of Himalayan Crystal Salt in Pakistan. It was established inwhich has now grown into the largest organization of Himalayan Crystal Salt products.

We are Pakistan based company working for last twenty years in the business of Himalayan Crystal Salt. Suhail International is one of the largest Himalayan salt suppliers, manufacturers and exporters of Pakistan. Please contact us to order original Himalayan Salt from Pakistan. Unyielding commitment to quality and the satisfaction of our customers has driven Suhail International to offer premium products of rock salt crystals with most reliable services.

We strive to ensure customer delight by offering unmatchable quality and services. With the annual production capacity of Ori ginal Himalayan Crystal Salt over 5, metric Tons, we are capable to manage big orders. Our goal is to offer the finest bulk Rock Salt at the best prices around. Bulk Rock Salt is available throughout the year and transported directly to our customers. In fact, original Himalayan Crystal Salt contains 84 minerals, trapped inside the crystal matrix structure and are small enough to be able to penetrate the human in a form that can be easily assimilated and metabolized by the body.

More precisely, it is a way of approaching aspects of living your life well. Suhail International, being the top rock salt manufacturers in the world, has the ability to work closely with clients on every level and build effective working relationships. Among top-notch manufacturers, suppliers and exporters of bulk rock salt we are engaged in offering our clients an exclusive range of Himalayan crystal salt.

We have the right mix of skills, knowledge and experience as we work to achieve sustainable success in a fast-changing world. Himalayan Salt Rock is also known as pink rock salt because of its distinctive pale pink color. Mined in Pakistan, Himalayan Salt Rock is a naturally occurring salt, rich in a number of minerals. We manufacture optimally pure quality Natural Rock Salt in Pakistan.Pakistan is naturally blessed with around 10 billion tones reserves of salt having 98 percent purity.

Salt traders believe that the exports of Pakistani Himalayan salt has though increased in last five year worldwide, but still it is contributing less than its potential. Arif Awan, a resident of Abottabad, is running his Pak Western salt export company for last one decade. He proudly tells that he was first in the city who opened export bank account in the city.

Awan, who is a middle grade trader in exports of salt, said that his monthly trade volume of exporting pink salt worldwide fluctuates around Rs million to million. Arif said that a middle grade trader in a month exports around fifteen containers. The Himalayan salt is exported worldwide in the shapes of solid rock, granules, cubes, powder, tiles, lamps and edible forms. The Pakistani Himalayan salt along with edible purposes is demanded worldwide for medical purposes, animal licking, special bathing therapies, freezing of meat, decoration, breathing therapies, massage and cure of multiple diseases.

Another exporter and manufacturer, Anwar Azeem viewed that governments have not come with the encouraging and uniform policy to increase exports of Himalayan salt. He said where exporters are largely dependent on banks for export and getting foreign remittance, the banks come with different dollar rates. He added every bank has different dollar rate to offer the salt exporter, while transactions done are also not released to the client in time.

Anwar Azeem also said that complex and long procedures of custom clearance and non-availability of industrial area for salt also delays the shipments. As per PMDC data, annual production of these salt mines in was tons. Spokesperson ministry of commerce Mohammad Ashraf viewed that the salt is a physical good of trade and government had introduced E-Forms to facilitate the exporters. He said E-Form in trade guarantees secure and transparent method of transactions on foreign remittance. He said there is no agent mafia involved in the business.

Rahul Basharat April 21, March 04, Hindu Kush Himalayan region shows increased water insecurity. February 17, Carpet exporters demand query over poor participation of Pak in Domotex exhibition. Top Stories.Aimen Tayyab. Pakistan is a state rich in valuable natural resources, ranging from minerals to arable land.

Himalayan Rock Salt

Among those, one of the most widely talked about mineral that received much attention in the last few days is pink salt, famously known as pink Himalayan salt. This salt is of pink tint. It gets its colour from calcium, magnesium, potassium, copper, and iron. Apart from food products, the pink Himalayan salt is used in some forms of bath salts, salt lamps, salt bricks, salt tiles and medicines.

Spending time in man-made salt caves is trendy among people who are in quest of improving their respiratory and skin problems. Located in Pakistan Khewra Salt Mine range, 1, kilometres from Himalayas, pink salt most likely does not come from the Himalayan Mountains as the given name might suggest. The main ground level tunnel developed in during the British rule. Some important particulars and statistics of interest, firstly, pink salt in raw form is 98 per cent NaCl.

The remaining 2 per cent contains minerals like calcium, magnesium, sulphate, potassium, iron, zinc, chromium and copper. Secondly, the production of salt from Khewra Salt Mine wastonnes, as reported in The total estimated reserves are between 82 million tonnes and million tonnes. At this rate, the mine is expected to last for another years approximately. Thirdly, as per the Ministry of Commerce statistics, sincethere is an increase of 34 per cent compound annual growth rate in salt exports from Pakistan.

Fourthly, the average price of a kilogram of salt is around between Rs and Rs 1, in the international market. Sixthly, France, Israel and India are, reportedly, selling Pakistani pink salt in the world market.

InPakistan exported metric tonnes of pink salt at the rate of Rs 2. India exported, with its own branding and packaging, Seventhly, although there is confusion on the account if Pakistan is bound to export salt to India according to the trade agreement between India and Pakistan, according to Article IX of the agreement, annual rectification is required from both countries. Pakistan can earn a lot with its salt as global salt consumption is expected to grow by 1.

The question arises: why is Pakistan not taking advantage of its pink Himalayan salt. With export of just raw salt it is impossible to gain anything.Annual salt production from the mine is aroundtonnes.

However, Pakistan is ranked 20th among salt-producing countries, producing only 1. This is less than 1pc of global salt production. This puts a big question mark on our approach towards managing and utilising our huge natural resources.

Pakistan needs to develop a holistic salt exploitation and trade policy that targets the international salt market and restructures the sector from the grass-root level. While over countries produce salt, just seven countries account for 65pc of the global production. Salt is mainly used in producing chemicals, as well as in agriculture, food and food processing and road de-icing.

About 30pc of global salt demand comes from China, which imports Impurities in the Indian salt have to be removed beforehand, and the cost of purification is high, sometimes exceeding the cost of the salt itself. Therefore, China has been showing reservations over Indian salt quality. Pakistan has a significant advantage over India here, as its salt is pure and contains 99pc halite. Salt consumption in Asia is projected to rise about 5pc byand the region is forecasted to account for nearly half of world demand by then.

The advantages of inflating salt mining in the country over other minerals include its occurrence as a massive formation; its requirement of minimum financial allocation for exploration and simple mining techniques; existence of operational salt mines; and a rock competent enough to sustain the stable mine structure.

Pakistan Wants You To Know: Most Pink Himalayan Salt Doesn't Come From India

For instance, targeting China for salt exports can supplement our foreign exchange earnings. In a nutshell, Pakistan needs to haul up its salt mining sector from the grass-root level by incorporating foreign market-capturing strategies, in-vogue exploration and mining techniques, business-friendly legal and trade policies, and capacity building.

On a mobile phone? Facebook Count. Twitter Share. Pakistan has a significant advantage over India in salt exports, as its salt is pure and contains 99pc halite About 30pc of global salt demand comes from China, which imports Read more.

On DawnNews. Comments 0 Closed. Latest stories. Most popular Tableeghi Jamaat in hot water in Pakistan too for Covid spread. Monkeys, elephants and dogs reclaim India's streets in virus lockdown. Pakistan stays away from pandemic meeting hosted by India. Is TB vaccine the reason behind Covid's less deadly effect in Pakistan? Experts are finding out. Export of sugar okayed by PM, cabinet told.Salt has a long history with humans and has been used since ancient times to preserve and flavor foods.

In fact, ancient civilizations were often founded near salt deposits. Global trade was once propelled by the demand for salt and in some cultures, it was even used as currency. Today, it continues to hold a prominent place in international trade and many countries work to extract it.

salt export from pakistan

There are three major salt production techniques: solar evaporation, rock mining, and vacuum evaporation. Salt is a valuable commodity for human consumption, industrial applications, and as a deicing tool. The top salt exporters in the world are discussed below. The number 1 salt exporter in the world is the Netherlands. The Hengelo and Delfzijl mines are some of the oldest in the region. The salt market in Germany has seen considerable growth over the last five years particularly in salt for human consumption and industrial salt.

Taking third place in global salt exports is Chile. Rock salt mining is located in the Atacama Desert and supplies the US with the deicing salt that is needed for winter snowstorms.

salt export from pakistan

Canada is home to the largest salt mine in the world, Sifto Canada, and it is located in Goderich, Ontario. The Sifto Salt Mine covers an area of 2. Ontario is important to the Canadian salt market because it borders Lake Huron and Lake Erie where salt is found on the shores. Mexico is host to the largest sea salt plant in the world on the Baja California Peninsula.

Ownership is shared between the Mexican government and the Japanese enterprise, Mitsubishi. The next country is also located in North America. This country is also the second highest producer of salt in the world. These countries are located throughout Europe although some African countries and one Asian nation also make the list. Salt is one of the most common products available to humans. Despite this fact, it is easy to forget or disregard its origins and uses.

Salt has more than 14, applications mainly in the chemical industry. This need is followed by the demand for highway deicing and then kitchen use. Whatever its use, the countries in this article do more than their part to ensure that the world has access to this valuable mineral. The market and worldwide demand for salt are also expected to increase in the future. Amber is a freelance writer, English as a foreign language teacher, and Spanish-English translator.

She lives with her husband and 3 cats. All rights reserved. Salt harvesting. Which Country Exports the Most Salt? Amber Pariona Writer. This page was last updated on September 27,

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