Eufy homebase 2

I activated the home base and both cameras but have not placed the cameras outside yet. They are both sitting on a kitchen counter at the moment turned off. Any suggestions? Is it possible your Homebase is turned off or otherwise not connected to the internet? At any rate, feel free to reach out to support eufylife. Did you pair and sync both cameras to the homebase?

Also did you allow the firmware updates to go through? But once I switch to cellular service it starts working again. So maybe its that? Yes I did everything you mention last night and both cameras were working fine. When I got out of the building, I was able to turn both cameras on without issue.

Thanks Tank. Glad you got it sorted, and I figured it real quick when that happened to me. My work wifi causes issues with streaming music too, so now I just use my data. Thank goodness for unlimited data plans.

I experienced a similar issue. I just know it was about 24 hours before my 2 Home Base 2 's showed the front door, living room, back door and entry cameras. Bob55 December 6,pm 1. TechnicallyWell December 6,pm 2.

eufy homebase 2

Bob55 December 6,pm 3. It was on and working when I left the house. Tank December 6,pm 4. Bob55 December 6,pm 5. Bob55 December 6,pm 6. Tank December 6,pm 7. TomTaylor December 6,pm 8.We may need a bit more information to locate the issue.

Please contact us at support eufylife. Our service team will get back to you within 24 hours and will assist you step by step. I have had a lot of trouble getting the HomeBase2 working again. Reoccuring problems: no internet connection I have both ethernet and wifi connection, the wifi connection it remembered from the 1st installation so it seems.

It often says it is not connected. I try all the steps in the app, but it always fails. I have heard HomeBase2 say it was going to connect and sound the several beeping sounds, but the app shows that it could not connect and it was past the whole procedure on the app that the HomeBase2 sounded those beeps. Usually it does not even go that far.

So my question: can I downgrade to a previous firmware when everything was working okay and set up that I do not want new firmwares in the future. I am about to go on holiday and leave the house, this is absolutely the wrong moment for a non working firmware that messed up all my Eufy Security. I have already emailed this problem to support eufylife. Now I can.

Even the app reacted differently then before. Me too I had a usb stick in the homebase to record the video I unplugged the homebase for a night and also the usb stock and the day after I finally get the homebase working I had to reinstall everything but seems working for now So if you have a usb stick try to reinstall without it.

Glad to have found this topic! I had the same issue and I too had an USB pen drive attached. It was not clear to me at the time that removing that drive was key to resolving the issue, as I changed and tried a lot of things. Removing the pen drive was part of last efforts and preparations for sending it in for warranty. As the homebase is installed in an inconvenient to reach spot I had a GB USB pen drive pre-installed because of the announcement by the in-app help text, explaining coming support for USB storage devices.

Symptoms are in line with the others in this topic: the whole system stopped working after firmware update. The Eufy Homebase was happily calling introductions and invited me to install the system.

It would not let me pair devices. The LED would turn blue, go red and repeat over and over. It was very slow in the app and not responding entirely during the red LED cycles.

During troubleshooting the recordings stored on the device where lost, as I tried a hard reset. I saw no one complain on this forum during the first hours after the firmware update and I thought that my device was somehow damaged during flashing the update. Hi I got the same issue this night around 4 am where the homebase was trying to connect to network and could not I had to unplugged the homebase and remove the usb stick This morning I had to redo the installation from zero … so I think that the usb capability is seriously not supported And is there a way to shut up the nice voice of the lady?

Good morning!!

Eufy Doorbell review: The best smart doorbell you haven’t heard of

I received this message on my accounts.It comes with nearly everything I could want in a video doorbell. Those are good products if you plan on buying in to their respective ecosystems.

eufy homebase 2

But, if you prefer to avoid subscription fees and cloud storage, the Eufy doorbell is a high-performing option that is priced significantly lower than the other top options.

Any price and availability information displayed on [relevant Amazon Site sas applicable] at the time of purchase will apply to the purchase of this product. One of the areas where smart doorbells often fail miserably is providing a quick response time. A typical interaction goes something like this:. A visitor presses the button and 10 seconds later a notification pops up on your phone.

By the time you open the app and prepare to respond, another 10 seconds have passed. You finally get the live feed on your phone just in time to see your visitor walking away. In my experience, the Eufy doorbell has performed exceptionally well in this area.

I tested the response time in seconds for motion alerts and for doorbell button presses. I have several Alexa devices throughout the house and they all seem to respond at different times. So every time I press the doorbell I hear the chime first. If you experience poor reaction times, the most likely cause is a weak WiFi connection. For reference, my WiFi connection at my doorbell reads as x on the app. Instead, the doorbell saves the video clips directly to its onboard memory.

It has 4gb of storage space.

eufyCam 2 Wireless Home Security Camera System In Depth Review

Once you run out of space, it will continue to record new clips but will overwrite the oldest clips. If it happens to record something you want to save, you can download the clip from the doorbell using the app.

From there, you can transfer the file to your preferred storage space.Zero Hidden Costs: Designed to protect your home as well as your wallet, eufyCam 2 is a one-time purchase that combines security with convenience. Advanced Night Vision: The state-of-the-art Sony sensor allows for detailed recordings and streaming in low-light scenarios.

No, the Homebase E and the Homebase 2 are different. Alert of motion detection is about the same seconds. However the audio and video is much better than Arlo. I have tried Arlo as well and still prefer Eufy. In most common scenarios, a fully charged camera can last for one year. Up to 16 cameras can be connected to each base station.

And multiple Homebases can be used in a single home and handled in the same eufy account. This site is a participant in the Amazon Services LLC Associates Program,an affiliate advertising program designed to provide a means for sites to earn advertising fees by advertising and linking to Amazon.

Check Price On Amazon. Product Features. Product FAQ. Customer Reviews. Have peace of mind that you will have a secure record of everything that happens around your home. Smart Image Enhancement Get a clearer, brighter view of the people in-shot. Built-in AI technology identifies and focuses in on the human in the image. Human Detection Reduce false alerts with smart tech which differentiates humans from objects. Activity Zones Only receive the alerts which matter.

Customize the area in which detection takes place to suit your home. Real-Time Response Speak directly to anyone who approaches your home via two-way audio. Are the bases between the 2 and the E the same? Is there a reason to replace everything other than just upgrade cameras? How quickly does this camera alert you of motion detection? My Arlo's are at about seconds delay. Is this better or worse? What is a realistic battery life if I'm always playing with it and watching the live feed?

How many cameras may be connected to each base station, and may more than one base station be used in a single home? Read More. Its a brand new offering it seems from eufy. Would have liked a higher resolution camera, like some of the arlo offerings, but those don't offer free cloud storage.And what steps do you have to take in chronicle order to replace the old one for the bigger one?

I would suggest using class 10 cards or higher. Thanks for your reply.

eufy Security Review: Great Value for Priceless Home Security

So there are no limitations about the size of the card? Of course. Michiel Have a look at this direct link to the post i want to show you:. Short version: It depends if you have a smaller system with just cams with only some few events a day or like me a dozen cams with several hundred events per day and cam.

I guess you just want a little more GB for the card, so V10 is also ok for you. Depends on how much you wanna spend. Ensure to download and backup your video events recorded on the old SD card before tossing it away. You can do it within the app on your phone or via web portal if you have cloud subscription. Remember, the data is encrypted so you can read it by any other means.

As you know by ow you can insert a larger capacity SD Care upto GB and a minimum class 10 type to replace the original card. Insert the new card and format it using the eufy security app and the app will take you to further steps. Hope this will help. Thanks for your additional info. I will reconsider my plan for a bigger SD-card.

It works fine at this moment and my question was more ment for de future when a have 4 in stead of the 2 cams i have now. I keep you info if the moment is there. Even with 4 cams, if they do not have too much events per day, a V10 should be still enough.

If at least 2 of those cams will record frequently at the same time and more often, i recommend V Michiel June 21,pm 1. Michiel June 21,pm 3.It is during times of uncertainty, much like the crisis we are currently experiencing, that we think a little more about our safety.

With this in mind, investing in a home security system takes one element of the worry out of your daily life. Anker has stepped up to the mark with an update to its eufy Security system, also offering the service without a monthly subscription. From the off, this places it ahead of competition like Nest. Highly customizable system Multiple cameras and mounting options available Simple installation Free service.

eufy homebase 2

Magnetic mount poses a minor security issue to eufyCam 2 No two-factor authentication option for accessing stored data. The latter ships with the HomeBase 2, which is the hub for the entire system.

It is important to note is an upgrade to the older eufyCam E. The newer 2C model packs p definition and has a field of view that covers degrees. It has been upgraded with a spotlight for dark vision and the camera boasts human and facial recognition. So, what of the eufyCam 2? Well, it packs most of the same functions as the 2C. It also features enhanced AI as per the 2C. There is no spotlight on the eufyCam 2.

However, it does pack a Sony Starvis sensor into its guts, which means it is capable of returning high-quality images whether in direct sunlight or pitch darkness.

The eufyCam 2 is also water and dustproof, as it too carries an IP67 rating. The HomeBase 2 is the brains behind the whole operation. This is intended for the cameras, as they may be far away from your router, but according to Anker it has the added bonus of pumping up the Wi-Fi signal for other devices in the home, too.

Additional products in the eufy Security family include a video doorbell wired or battery powered and an entry sensor. These are available separately. So, it is great that both the eufyCam 2 and 2C are easy to install.

The eufyCam 2 comes with a fixable mount that offers plenty of rotation around its ball-and-socket joint. It is easy to take the housing apart and simply use two screws to mount it to the wall.

eufy homebase 2

Re-constructing the housing fixes the camera in place. The eufyCam 2 also comes with a high-strength magnetic mount, which allows you to easily pull the camera from the wall without unscrewing it as you have to with the ball joint although not easy enough that a gust of wind will send it flying across the driveway.

As the camera is not physically fixed by a screw, as with the ball joint mount, it can be removed easily. By anyone. Because of this, there is a risk that the camera itself could be stolen. Although the culprit will have been caught in the act, recorded, and committed to the HomeBase 2 event log, the hassle of catching them and getting your unit back makes using the magnetic mount, at low levels, a pointless venture.

Place it high up, completely out of reach. Both cameras are installed into the overall security system using a combination of the HomeBase 2 and the app—this is a super-simple process that is as easy as pressing the sync button on the camera when prompted by the app.The RING as far as i can see gets an overall terrible wrap with main gripe being slow or no or too mamy false positive notifications.

I actually got this because my Ring's been a bit dodgy recently, I called the support but they refused to replace it. I had the original ring, the newer ones might be better. Oh yes. Google assistant is also a huge plus for me. Do you know if it can cast to google displays and chrome cast? My xiaomi cameras used to…until it was revealed there was a huge security hole and google axed the compatibility….

Yea you can stream it on both, but I think automatic playback when doorbell is triggered is yet to be added. Tech I can forgive auto playback. But i used to love being able to cast the feed from cameras if i was expecting visitors and i was upstairs or in the den.

Tech When it gets triggered, what does google home hub do? Play bell or say someone at door? But future updates are supposed to give those options. Tech That sucks.

Tech really wish they would add this functionality and the ability to play the chime though google speakers. Yea it was good. I wish there was a way to add family members so that they don't trigger the notification that someone triggered the motion sensor. You left out giving data away to 14 major data aggregators and giving police access to video data without a warrant or user agreement to police surveillance.

The motion detection seems to be delayed, not sure about the doorbell though, but people walking past my house only get picked up half way past my yard. The android app to view the footage is annoying too, I have a pixel 3 and can not use the arrows to navigate the previous day's footage, as the phones settings options come down instead.

Just a bug?

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