Cisco 5508 wireless controller supported access points

This solution is targeted at small and medium-sized business SMB customers or distributed enterprises, and can be run at single site deployments. The controllers come with high availability HA and seamless software updates.

This keeps your services on always, both during planned and unplanned events. Explore the Content Hubthe all new portal that offers an enhanced product documentation experience. Get started with the Content Hub at content. This section provides information about the new features and enhancements in this release. Only mandatory attributes are displayed under the Basic Wireless Setup.

The following commands are introduced in the Embedded Wireless Controller, in this release:. The following list of Supported Browsers and Operating Systems is not comprehensive at the time of writing this document and the behavior of various browser for accessing the GUI of the EWC is as listed below.

If this upgrade is not performed, the conversion will fail. Prior to ordering Cisco APs, see the corresponding ordering guide for your Catalyst or Aironet access point. This section describes the interoperability of the controller software with client devices.

The following table lists the client types on which the tests were conducted. Client types included laptops, hand-held devices, phones, and printers. Caveats describe unexpected behavior in Cisco IOS releases.

Caveats that are listed as Open in a prior release are carried forward to the next release as either Open or Resolved. The Cisco Bug Search Tool BST allows partners and customers to search for software bugs based on product, release, and keyword, and aggregates key data such as bug details, product, and version.

Cisco Wireless Solutions Software Compatibility Matrix

The BST is designed to improve the effectiveness in network risk management and device troubleshooting. The tool has a provision to filter bugs based on credentials to provide external and internal bug views for the search input. Deny webauth WLANs from being tagged to authentication servers that has load balancing enabled. Remove all client lists from the show tech wireless command output. The show ap auto RF command output is displaying invalid values for some APs.

Include the show vlan command output in the show tech wireless command output. Remove all standby R0 commands from the show tech wireless command output. The show wireless interface summary command output is not showing NAT public-ip. The show ap auto-rf dot11 24ghz command output is not displaying entries of Cisco Aironet AP, after a day. QoS police configuration is deleted after adding or removing it to policy profile using web UI. For the most up-to-date, detailed troubleshooting information, visit the Cisco TAC website at:.Refurbished Printers.

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cisco 5508 wireless controller supported access points

Data transfer rate. Networking features. Ethernet, Fast Ethernet, Gigabit Ethernet. Cabling technology. Operational conditions. Operating temperature T-T. Storage temperature T-T. Operating relative humidity H-H.Present, OK Power Supply 2…………………………….

cisco 5508 wireless controller supported access points

Service Port is used exclusively for Out-of-Band management. It is the only port that is active when the controller is in boot mode useful for troubleshooting. The service port does not support It does not support a backup port and a default gateway in its configuration.

Cisco Wireless :: Supported Access Points On WLC 5508

The service port is also not auto-sensing so you must use the correct straight-through or crossover Ethernet cable to communicate with the service port. The management interface is the default interface for in-band management of the controller and connectivity to enterprise services such as AAA servers. It is also used for communications between the controller and access points. RP port is Redundancy Port.

It is important to make sure that physical connections are up between both the controllers that is, both the WLCs are connected back to back via the Redundant Port using an Ethernet cable and the uplink is also connected to the infrastructure switch and the gateway is reachable from both the WLCs before SSO is enabled.

Once the WLC is upgraded, it must be rebooted for the changes to take effect. Within this time, connectivity to the WLC is lost. When an access point loads software, each of its LEDs blinks in succession.

Up to 10 access points can be concurrently upgraded from the controller. Do not power down the controller or any access point during this process; otherwise, you might corrupt the software image. Cisco WLC has latest recommended version 8. The size is about Mb. Note: latest suggested version is 8. It will only take a couple of minutes to download 8.

Until completed processing new 8. Reference: 1. Cisco Wireless Controller Installation Guide 2. Published in Wireless. Your email address will not be published. Save my name, email, and website in this browser for the next time I comment. Software Copyright Cisco Systems, Inc. All rights reserved. Cisco AireOS Version 7. License daemon running…. Num of cores 10 Fastpath CPU0.Designed for Optimized for high-performance wireless networking, the Cisco Series Controller offers improved mobility and prepares the business for the next wave of mobile devices and applications.

The Series supports a higher density of clients and delivers more efficient roaming, with at least nine times the throughput of existing The Series automates wireless configuration and management functions and allows network managers to have the visibility and control needed to cost-effectively manage, secure, and optimize the performance of their wireless networks.

cisco 5508 wireless controller supported access points

The NBAR-2 engine can classify applications, applies quality of service QoS setting to either drop or mark the traffic, and prioritizes business-critical applications in the network.

The also supports Bonjour Services Directory to enable Bonjour Services to be advertised and utilized in a separate Layer 3 network. Base access point licensing offers flexibility to add up to additional access points as business needs grow. The licensing structure supports a variety of business mobility needs as part of the basic feature set, including the Cisco OfficeExtend solution for secure, mobile teleworking and Cisco Enterprise Wireless Mesh, which allows access points to dynamically establish wireless connections in locations where it may be difficult or impossible to physically connect to the wired network.

Table 1. High Performance. RF Management. Comprehensive End-to-End Security. Enterprise Wireless Mesh. High Performance Video. End-to-End Voice. High Availability. Environmentally Responsible. Table 2 lists the product specifications for Cisco Series Wireless Controllers. Table 2. IEEE Security Standards. Management Interfaces.

Interfaces and Indicators. Physical and Environmental. Regulatory Compliance. CE Mark. Tables 3 and Table 4 list the ordering and accessories information for Cisco Series Wireless Controllers. Table 3. Part Number. Product Name. Table 4. Accessories for Cisco Series Wireless Controllers.

Table 5. Product Description. Primary upgrade SKU: Pick any number or combination of the following options under this SKU to upgrade one or many controllers under one product authorization key. Table 6. Paper License.I bought Cisco AP series. Don't forget to read the Release Notes.

Do the APs have the correct Regulatory Domain? Buy or Renew. Find A Community. We're here for you! Turn on suggestions. Auto-suggest helps you quickly narrow down your search results by suggesting possible matches as you type. Showing results for. Search instead for. Did you mean:. I checked Cisco APs required controller software version 7.

By any chance can I upgrade the controller software to work with APs. Please help for above. Thanks, Prem Vishwakarma. Labels: Other Wireless-Mobility Topics. Everyone's tags 1. Tags: Wireless Controller AP's suport. I have this problem too. Leo Laohoo. Hall of Fame Community Legend. Of course you can. Upgrade to 8. Please don't to mark this.

Please don't to mark this thread as "Answered" if there are no more questions. Latest Contents. Steps to take wireless packet captures from Cisco AP. Created by Rajan Parmar on PM.I am having an issue here. I have 2x that each have AP license and a little under access points. Basically half of my access points need to be on the second controller and in order to do this I have been using the high availability mode of each access point to push them to the second controller IP address.

It was working perfectly until now. I have pushed 28 access points to the second controller and the last two I need to push at this location just keep resetting on the primary controller. Neither controller is configured as master controller. I have access points deployed across several buildings that each have a different IP scheme and their own T1 line. Is it possible to configure the controller to allow these access points to use the IP scheme assigned for that particular building or will dhcp always assign an IP address to the connecting client based on the IP scheme of the building that the controller resides in?

How to start setting this to take advantage of having this wireless lan controller? I have Vlan 50 for wireless access points. Access points controller running code 6. I have had to reset the the access points manually with a power down and hold the reset button. I'm having an issue in one open space area with a wifi network. I currently have 5 access points and around users connected to the WiFi. There are desktops, Ipads and Mobile users connected to it. The one with 41 and 9 are only 10meters away from each other.

I setup the client windown size to On the networks the client roaming is with the default value. We are planning to install about 10 Access Points series per office and have a controller series in the Data center. Questions: 1- Is this design possible, in other words, just one controller centralizing all Access point traffic in one controller in the Data center?

AP ,18? If yes, what have I to do? Installed a new WLC last week, and finished bringing 68 new i access points online in our College Dorms. Years ago I asked about error code 1. The reply from Cisco was: "The programers put the code in. It basically means we don't know what the problem is. If a student is wired, network is solid. Walked the dorm in question and was getting full bars of signals at all times, and was able to stream a movie from my Ultraviolet account without any break or slowdown as I moved from access point to access point.

Did observe one student using a MacBook Pro. This student was constantly loosing connection to the access point. Checked the controller for the MAC of the student's computer. I did find deauthentication errors.

cisco 5508 wireless controller supported access points

At the computer the error message was a timeout issue. I am just learning the ropes on the Today a number of access points disconnected and now will not reconnect. Then number is in increasing currently about 50 out of a total of originally joined to the controller. The issue is occurring on multiple access points of different models. The show version is from on example.

The APs are in different countries to me and I have no access to the console. Manufacturer's Name Cisco Systems Inc. Product Name Cisco Controller Product Version FPGA 1. Disabled IP Address IPv6 Address Software reset System Up Time Configured Country State of Enabled State of Burned-in MAC Address Power Supply Present, OK Power Supply I don't believe this is the cause of issue as we are seeing it across multiple access point with different regulatory domains include, e.

I confirmed on a test controller as you select different countries additional domains are added to these list. On Friday I rebooted the controller and all access points successfully re-joined.

Cisco 5508 Wireless Controller

I have now downgraded the controller back to 7. Buy or Renew. Find A Community.

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