Bosch washing machine symbols

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Washing symbols explained

Our Test Labs compare features and prices on a range of products. Try Which? You'll instantly be able to compare our test scores, so you can make sure you don't get stuck with a Don't Buy. Clothes manufacturers tend to give good cleaning advice.

Drying your clothes can be where it all goes wrong and you either end up stretching your favourite wool jumper or shrinking your best top.

In contrast to tumble drying, natural drying symbols can be harder to interpret. Many washing machines have a handwash program. This is for delicate garments such as cashmere or silk, and cleans more gently than the normal setting to prevent clothes snagging or shrinking. For more information on this, read our guide to using different washing machine programs at cooler temperatures to learn more about your options.

The bars underneath the tub icon refer to rinsing and spinning. See also: washing machine programs explained and how to wash clothes. If your clothes are machine washable then you'll see this tub icon on the label.

The number within the tub icon shows the maximum temperature that item of clothing can be washed at. For this reason you might opt for a lower temperature to the label guide.

bosch washing machine symbols

For advice on deciding which is the best temperature to wash your clothes on read our washing machine temperatures guide. If you're currently looking to buy a new tumble dryer, not all models will dry clothes properly.

We've found some tumble dryers in our tests that leave clothes sopping wet as well as driving up your electricity bills - avoid these models by going for one of our Best Buy tumble dryers. Wringing out your clothes is possibly the most common mistake made during hand washing or drying clothes without a dryer. Twisting the fabric by hand can seriously damage your favourite item of clothing.

If you're not sure whether to wring out the excess water by hand, look out for the symbols above on your clothing label:.

View retailers. View retailer. Coronavirus Read our latest advice. Washing symbols explained By Matt Stevens. Put us to the test Our Test Labs compare features and prices on a range of products. Sign up now or login. Bleaching symbols. Dry cleaning symbols. Some clothes can β€” or must β€” be dry cleaned.Have you ever heard the saying that there is no such thing as a silly question?

This is definitely true when it comes to interpreting the symbols on your washing machine! Even though there are a number of consistencies across the range of washing machines, it is worth taking a few minutes to learn more about the settings on your individual machine and exactly what the intended use of each programme is.

Again, check your manual. Every machine is different and if you want to get the best out of your machine, it is important to know how best to use it. The symbols on a washing machine around the dials will match the list of options on the panel, which are usually numbered.

Simply pick which wash cycle suits the load, turn the dial to indicate your choice, put in your detergent, and press start! Most machines will display the amount of time the wash takes so you know when to come back and retrieve your clothes or begin the drying process. When it comes to putting these products in the right place, general guidelines include three symbols:. The smaller section is for fabric conditioner, the larger for washing powder or liquid, and the third if there is on is for pre-treatment.

For more information on dosing, check out this article for more on where and when to add products. Now that you have a better idea of how to translate the language of the washing machine, you should be able to make better use of the settings and select the washing machine symbols that suit your clothes best!

Originally published 19 July For a more general guide, just refer to our guidance below. Check your manual for the most accurate instructions on the meaning behind the symbols on your washing machine. You will notice several dials on the control panel of your machine, no matter the brand: The largest dial will be for wash type.

Bosch washer error code f18

There may be options for fabrics like cotton, colours, synthetics, sports clothes, wool, curtains, and more. Another one will be for temperature, usually ranging from Options will include closet-ready dry, damp good for ironing afterwards and no spin at all.

It is critical to choose an appropriate setting for the types of fabrics you are washing. Drying is where many clothes lose their shape or size so beware!Bosch washing machines are extremely popular. And have a range of load capacities. They also have many additional features to help you save time and money. However, sometimes things do go wrong! Look at the most common Bosch washing machine problems and troubleshooting guide here….

Bosch washing machine problems come with a range of symptoms. These include when your washing machine…. This could be an obstruction or kink in the cold-water hose or the waste hose. A blockage will prevent the spin cycle. A blocked filter will also have the same effect as will an unbalanced load. Bosch washing machine problems with spin can be easily fixed by a qualified engineer.

Again, this is most likely to be caused by a kinked or blocked hose, or a blocked filter. Excessive noise can be produced when bearings are faulty.

The drain pipe could be blocked, and the filter obstructed. The drum bearing can wear and need re-sealing, and you can experience problems with the drive pulley and the motor coupling.

The washing machine needs to be level to avoid these issues. Shock absorbers that connect the drum to the chassis could be defective, and so could the concrete weights in older appliances. Suspension springs and rods can break, and balance rings can lose fluids.

Wear and tear on the drum can cause excess vibration. If the drain pump is damaged it may leak water. If the drum seal is worn this can lead to water leaking into the bearings and they may fail. The water inlet valve is often the main culprit here. The pressure switch is responsible for delivering that power and that too can fail. When the door stays locked this may mean the machine has detected water inside. Another reason for no door lock release could be a faulty door lock mechanism.

This could be due to a number of reasons from a faulty heater or thermostat to motor carbon brushes that need replacing. If the machine is stopping partway through the cycle it may be due to difficulties with filling with water, emptying water, or overheating. Bosch washing machine fault codes are designed to show when the appliance has detected a problem. A selection of error codes is shown here but may differ depending on your model.

These codes may be digitally displayed as follows:.The well-known Bosch brand was created in Nowadays the company releases modern, reliable and high-quality technique, which is manufactured using the latest world achievements in science and technology.

Dishwashers are ergonomic and reliable, but even such high-quality machines may have some disrepairs. You can fix the slight breakage by yourself without calling a specialist. The error codes of the Bosch dishwashers will help you to solve a problem. Use the table below to diagnose the fails and find out how to cope with a trouble.

bosch washing machine symbols

Fault Cause Remedial action "Check water supply" display [12] lights up. Supply hose kinked. Install supply hose without kinks. Tap turned off. Turn the tap on. Tap jammed or calcified. Flow rate must be min.

Filter in the water supply blocked. Switch off the appliance and pull out the mains plug. Turn off the tap. Unscrew water connection. Clean filter in the supply hose. Screw water connection on again. Check for leaks.

bosch washing machine symbols

Reconnect power supply. Switch on the appliance. Filters [26] are soiled or blocked. Clean filters. Waste water nose kinked or blocked Install hose without kinks, remove any residue. Siphon connection still sealed.

Check connection to siphon and open if required. Waste water pump blocked or cover on the waste water pump is not locked in position. Lock cover correctly. A technical fault has probably occurred. After a short time restart the appliance. If the problem recurs, turn off the tap, pull out the mains plug and call customer service.

Refill indicator for salt [11] flashes. Heating element calcified or soiled. Clean appliance with dishwasher cleaning agent or descaler.

Operate the dishwasher with water softening system and check the setting.Inside: Trying to figure out what those symbols mean? Check out this quick and easy washing machine symbols guide to get your clothes clean.

On top of it all, we have to figure out what all the washing machine symbols mean before we wash the clothes. The last thing you need while you are doing laundry is to try to guess about the washing machine symbols. So I figured I would put together an easy washing machine symbols guide. You can quickly check what all the symbols mean so you never have to worry about ruining your favorite clothes.

Take it to a dry cleaner to clean it instead. You will also want to use a cold water detergent to make sure that the clothes still come out clean.

I like to use the cold water detergent by Tide. Hot Wash β€” Use hot water when doing these kinds of laundry. The materials can handle the hotter water and it helps get all the stains and smells out. No special detergent needed. If they have wrinkles in them you can try this homemade wrinkle releaser to get rid of the wrinkles without the iron.

Low Iron β€” With this washing machine symbol you will want to keep the iron on a low setting. Medium Iron β€” Two dots on the iron means the iron needs to stay on the medium setting. I recommend laying the clothes flat to dry on a towel with this symbol. No Bleach β€” This is by far one of the oddest washing machine symbols to me. So if your clothes have a triangle symbol they can be bleached. If you need to whiten the clothes without bleach you can try this tip here for whitening clothes.

It usually will need to be dry cleaned or spot cleaned. Hand Wash β€” This washing machine symbol means that the clothes should be hand washed instead of in a machine.

You can see how to hand wash your clothes here. You can easily print the washing machine symbols guide below and hang it up in your laundry room. It has everything you need to read the washing instructions.

Want some more easy tips? Check out how to get almost any stain out of clothes. Subscribe free! Now check your email to confirm your subscription. The password to the library is "cleanfreak" -- copy and paste that into the resource library. Now check your email to claim your printable. There was an error submitting your subscription. Please try again.A washing machine shows the F18 error code. In this case, Bosch models without a screen sign about an error as follows: turn indicators for β€” or β€” light of blink.

Do not start operating the Bosch washing machine before removing the breakage. This can lead to water leakage and flooding. The Bosch washing machine does not drain water and shows the F18 fault on the display. Do not overreact and stop disassembling the Bosch washing machine. You can reset the F18 error code and solve the problem in another way:.

What if the Bosch washing machine shows the F18 error code after all the repair methods? Proceed to check the internal parts of the device. Always disconnect the washing machine from the mains before starting work. It is necessary to check the efficiency of the impeller.

To do this, remove the filter and look into the hole using a flashlight. If the impeller rotates during operation, then everything is in order. If not, then you need to inspect it for blockage. The pump is responsible for draining after washing. If the impeller is not clogged, but still does not rotate, you need to inspect the pump.

What does this mean:. Examine the line of wires from the control module to the pump and pressure switch. The reasons can be in the pressure switch, but it happens rarely. However, if other methods do not help to remove the F18 error, check the Bosch washer pressure sensor.

The module is last checked with a multimeter. You may need to solder or replace elements. To eliminate this breakage, it is better to call the master. Search Search for:.

Author: David Hoover.By Hayley Gilbert TZ. Confused by your appliance's washing symbols? What you need to know first is that the washing symbols found on the control panel of your washing machine are different depending on the manufacturer and can even differ on models from the same manufacturer. If you're in need of a washing machine to begin with, browse our buying guide for the best washing machines.

Check out our best laundry hacks ever to get your washing and ironing done faster and better. This will include options such as wool, silk, sports, half load and so on. The temperature shows how hot you want the water to be.

Check the label on clothes for guidelines and consider washing at lower temperatures to save energy. You can buy detergent that is specially designed to work on a cooler wash for the best results.

Next, the spin speed. This indicates how fast the machine will spin your clothes after it has washed and rinsed them. A maximum spin is usually rpm and this gets laundry ready for line or tumble drying. The Hoover Group also includes Candy appliances.

In the market to buy new? See our Hoover AXI washing machine review first. Capacity from 7kg to 13kg β€” decide how much dry laundry you are adding to the machine, in weight. This does not need to be exact, just a rough estimate. Delay Start β€” you can delay the start of the washing cycle to suit your routine. Programmes can be delayed from one to 24 hours. KG Mode β€” the machine will weigh the load of the cycle during the first four minutes; it will then adjust the length of the programme and water consumption used, depending on the weight.

Total Care β€” this programme will allow you to wash all fabrics and colours together, with A-class washing results. All in One β€” allows you to wash all colours together, without any of their colours running.

Caredose β€” you have the option to auto-dose your washing load with liquid detergent. This will automatically dose your load for an average of 18 cycles. Steam β€” add a steam function to the end of your cycle.

This will blast steam into the load at the end of the cycle, helping to remove creases that have built up in the load during the washing cycle. Wool Cycle β€” all Hoover machines offer a wool programme designed to protect clothing that needs extra care.

Stain Level β€” adjust the intensity of a wash by pressing the Stain Level button. There are three levels to choose from, depending on how dirty the load is. This will allow you to download additional programmes and run diagnostic checks, all done through the Hoover Wizard mobile app.

All in One Full Load β€” wash a full load in one go, mixing different fabrics and colours together. Full Load in 59 β€” put a full load of laundry on and it will take just 59 minutes.

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