Are jaejoong and yunho still friends

DB5K are definitely friends the thing with the Dong Bang boys is that they are so Which was amazing because it was like mentioning any of the JYJ members was like taboo or something.

Maybe it wasn't just towards JYJ, maybe it was also towards the accusing fans that were and are totally insane but the point is we know that Heechul and Shindong are in Yunho's camp Heechul is VERY loyal and i KNOW that Heechul wouldn't allow anyone to hurt or bully Yunho or Changmin but you know Heechul and Yunho have history, remember when Yunho got poisoned and Heechul wrote that very angry letter?

Heechul and Jaejoong of course SM's two princesses well 1 former anyways if Heechul and Jaejoong are friends things are definitely okay between Jae and Yunho at least because Heechul is Yunho's loyal loyal friend one thing i'm sure about with Suju is that most of them are extrememly loyal to their friends and very headstrong and determined if Yunho and Jae were not on good terms i cannot believe that Heechul would be Jaejoongs friend and those of you wondering about what i think about Heechul and Hangeng its obvious that Jae and Hangeng are still friends they both said something strikingly similar, to the point where i thought, they really must have come up with this conclusion together because there is no other way they could have thought the exact same thing at the same time Jaejoong revealed something about when JYJ left quite recently, it was that JYJ article where they talked about the lawsuit.

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Subscribe to: Post Comments Atom.Even veteran actors, who act well, face a dilemma at one point or another, so compared to those veteran actors, we still have a long way to go. Among the staff and actors whom I worked with for this production, there are some who have worked with Yunho.

They tell me that he works really hard. Actors who work hard are bound to succeed. I hope that he looks after his condition as he works instead of rashly working so hard in fear that people will speak badly of him… I also hope that his first attempt at a historical drama will turn out well. I guess there will be a lot of outdoor filming too. With the lack of time, there will be a lot of CG work and martial arts practice. YES its a common sense! DO HM comply? That was 3 years ago dear.

You know they parted ways because they had reason, right? Then if they have reason to reunite, I hope you can understand that as well. I repeat one more time. Of course they would answer a Cold one, because SMe told them to do so. Mighty respect for Jaejoong! When i saw jyj3 posted this interview,at least i got confirmation about what he really said. I still remember a program that JYJ was on back in when they were still allowed on TV, YC describes JJ as someone who is a very nice person with a very kind heart.

So kind and sincere until he gets hurt and emotional easily. I hope they can ban all acgaes materials such as green blue pink lightsticks. This interview indeed show that Jaejoong has a big heart and he has been always like that from the start. This also make me tried to have a big heart to not act childishly and worst, start to blame JJ like some did.

JYJ reveals their thoughts on TVXQ

The only bad impact of this interview, and what we detest a lot is the craziness from delulu yjs will annoy the hell out of us the sane fans. They may flood this article with usual stupid and delusional comments to make us angry.They asserted that the fact that they were walking separate paths did not mean that they were apart from the group.

Many fans have different views, but none of them are completely accurate.

are jaejoong and yunho still friends

TVXQ was at the top when all five members were together, and we are still extremely proud of it. I hope they continue promotions that fit the greatness of the name. The three members continued to talk about their activities and promotions since they left SM Entertainment.

Our rejected visa in America was our biggest shock, but there were many other shocking turns like that. We were scared and uncomfortable, but we decided to stick together. The three members were asked if they regretted leaving SM Entertainment at all. The three boys were adamant that they did not regret their decision at all.

There are lots of aspects that got better.

are jaejoong and yunho still friends

The three will be putting out the concert live album next year, and they also have hopes to put out a second world wide album. Their album will come out in January in the states, and they are also planning a Europe Tour. They are also planning to meet their Japanese fans as soon as possible as well, and their agent confirmed that things were working well. Seems like the JYJ boys are content where they are.

Will you be supporting all five TVXQ members as they promote their activities? Thanks to all those who let us know of the mistake, we will ensure the same problems do not happen again. I love that you all let nothing hold you back. If you like the present TVXQ good for you.

If you hate JYJ go ahead and hate someone who has done nothing to you. Like a hateful person.I got no questions to that. His best friend, YooChun, suggests a housekeeper and YunHo calls for one. Yunho said and smiled. Before Yunho had the chance to walk away Jaejoong had dragged him back and planted a kiss on his lips.

Jaejoong can sing trot really well. This was just some random one-shot I wrote after watching an episode of. There are still many things I have to read through and mull over. I know JYJ is updated about what happen to Yunho tonight. Summary : Jaejoong is a demanding lover, and Yunho just loves Jaejoong so much.

Soon they find out the teapot is cursed and if they ever cause pain to themselves or anyone around them the teapot rewards them with money. I was just curious about who misses what and if they're still friends.

are jaejoong and yunho still friends

Main story - their story when they're 27 year-old - started with jaejoong moving into the house of married Yunho. Summary: It is never too late. This is dedicated to my friends, who have been sad about the lack of Yunjae. Shim Changmin. Jaejoong's manager said that the 2nd cat had been named 'Yoyo' because Jaejoong wanted his cats to be YJ couple. Heechul is a popular South Korean singer and actor. From the way they act so comfortly around each other, it's not too soon for Yunho to ask Jaejoong to stay with him too many 'to' XD.

The limelight was on him so he quickly said, "Everybody changed, ChangMin has become more manly, Yunho's look became gentle, Micky died his hair black, and Junsu's hairstyle is the shortest he has ever cut. Changmin then tell yunho and yoochun to protect jaejoong and tell everything that jaejoong know.

Summary: Jaejoong, an aspiring patisserie, brings home a stranger. But my doctor being a very dorky as he is just keeps a very straight face and never lay…. Because that is what SME is like. New pairing? I m still really into Yunjae. I like them. Yoochun raised an eyebrow. Summer — Become Friends.

And bcoz that he meet changmin said to changmin what he see. Slowly, Jaejoong pushed Aki away.Did the two people, U-know and Max really have to say like that? Also, what yunho said on the album description was very disappointing.

In an interview, Yun Ho said that he would have been happy if any of JYJ member tried to contact with them like texting. But after the interview, in Jaejoong's twitter, Jaejoong said that he have sent him messages couple of times and also stated that he sent him a message now. But after that, Yun ho, again said that he had not get the message. Does he really believe like that? As a fan who loved them for more than 4 years, it is very heartbreaking to see their friendships crashing.

Park Yoochun. Sergeant Kim Jaejoong. Standing in front of the camera after 1 year. Without a reason, the area around the pit of his stomach feels strange. Though he has been up on multiple stages and have acted in various films, standing in front of the camera still makes him tremble. Much earlier on, he has confirmed his appearance as the lead male role while waiting for the decision of the beautiful leading lady.

As he is expected to be enlisted for military service this year, this drama by the looks of Kim Junsu. Jaejoong for 'Harper's Bazaar'. Jaejoong for 'Esquire'.Do you have a story for The Sun Online news team.

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Are Jaejoong And Yunho Still Friends

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[yj-love] Yunjae both cute reactions on fanmeeting

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